DreamView's Dream Team works to provide riding lessons in a safe and fun environment for all ages, from tots to retirement. We teach English riding using horsemanship safety techniques along with saddleseat equitation which is the basis of all riding styles. Our method for successful riding is a "no excuses" method of discipline, control and fun! Because of the dangers associated with jumping horses over fences, we DO NOT TEACH JUMPING at DVS. Not only will you be learning to ride a horse, you will become part of our horse family. Team spirit along with good sportsmanship, and respect for the animals is required at DVS.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance

Lessons are tailored for the rider's goals. We have several different areas were we teach lessons based on the level and experience of the rider. The first lessons for all riders is an assessment in order to determine their riding level. All of our beginners will start as a private lesson, which will be 30 minutes. As the rider advances they can join in a group lesson if desired. Group lessons run 45 minutes. We teach the rider how to control the horse and ride in the correct riding form. As the riders progress, they will learn new gaits of the horse, learn how to do pattern work on the horse and much more. Driving lessons are available for Intermediate and Advance riders as well.

Pricing packages:

4 lessons a month:                     $160   

8 lessons a month:                    $280 

One single lesson:                     $45  

Tots Riding

Tots riding lessons are ages 3 through 5. These lessons teach the rider how to control the horse and ride in the correct form. The focus for these riders is safety and enjoyment while learning to ride. At this age, their attention span is very different. When your child achieves all the tot level requirements of DVS we discuss with you and move them up to the next level, at this age it differs on the improvement and concentration of the rider.

Pricing packages:

4 lesson a month:                       $160

8 lesson a month:                        $280

One single lesson:                         $45 

Lesson Program